Our philosophy


The company

Paris Appartements Services is a historical player in the rental of furnished and serviced apartments.
Paris Appartements Services was created more than 25 years ago — a precursor to the expansion of the rental of furnished apartments in Paris.

The apartments

The studios, as well as the 1- and 2-bedroom apartments, tastefully furnished and decorated, are ideally equipped to meet the needs of a business traveller, with, for instance, a high-speed, unlimited and free Internet connection. And mostly, they offer all the extra utilities which make life easy and pleasant during a trip, like a flat screen TV, a fitted kitchen or a washing machine.

The prescribers

As a privileged partner of firms and a historical specialist in the rental of corporate apartments, Paris Appartements Services has created a package “aparthotel” for travel managers or human resources departments. Whether it be to accommodate travelling executives and consultants sent on long missions, or to house foreign employees by the time they find a long-lasting foothold, Paris Appartements Services offers attractive solutions.

The functioning

Booking a furnished apartment is extremely simple and as easy as with a hotel. The payments are made by credit card or through a purchase order and the corporate billings by bank transfer.
The companies concerned about optimizing their accommodation expenses will appreciate the proposed pricing policy, and its decreasing rates depending on the length of the stays. In comparison with its competitors, Paris Appartements Services is also very permissive when an imperative requires the shortening or the extension of a stay at the last moment, as no penalties are charged in either case. This flexibility is particularly adapted to the constantly changing agendas of the business travelers.

The profile of our clients

The traveling consultants enjoy a private apartment, comfortable and perfectly equipped, along with a 24/7 hotline service. The concept of our furnished apartments also allows impatriates a quick, easy and safe move to Paris, making their search for the permanent accommodation which will perfectly meet their requirements easy and free of any time constraint.

The services

The comfort specific to private apartments doesn’t mean that the travelers are not provided with any service. On the contrary, with the upkeep, house linen change, maintenance of the apartments, and its multilingual team available 24/7, Paris Appartements Services offers high quality performances equivalent to those of a three-star hotel. Likewise, in the manner of hotel establishments, the apartments offered for rent can be booked in an extremely easy way, as a simple email is sufficient. In the end of the stay, payments are either made by credit card, either directly billed to the company.